SAFE To Syndicate No Victims Articles


No Victims is pleased to announce that Safe Atlanta For Everyone (SAFE) will syndicate selected No Victims crime-prevention articles on their website.  SAFE is an across-neighborhood organization founded in June of 2008 and focuses on identifying, promoting and facilitating actions individual members of all communities can take to improve public safety. 



SAFE’s Programs

SAFE has launched five great programs designed to support their core mission of making communities stronger and safer:


  • SAFE Watch, an extended neighborhood watch program designed to cross geographic borders like streets, city limits and county lines to create a stronger and safer community.  As of this writing more than 50 volunteer SAFE Watchers dedicate a portion of every day walking or driving defined routes getting to know their neighbors and acting directly to improve public safety within their community.
  • Graffiti Removal, in which teams of volunteers document and report graffiti, work with community and business associations to remove it from private property and engage directly in the removal of graffiti from public property such as street signs, trash cans and bus shelters. Many SAFE Watch volunteers are also Graffiti Removal volunteers and both document and eliminate graffiti during the discharge of their SAFE Watch responsibilities.
  • Flyer Distribution, which shares personal and public safety information with those members of the community who are not yet online.  Flyer Distribution volunteers produce and distribute thousands of SAFE Tipsheets (published electronically on the SAFE website on a regular basis) as porch flyers, handed out by restaurants and local businesses and made available to congregations at churches and other houses of worship. Some SAFE Watch volunteers also aid in Flyer Distribution by delivering flyers directly to neighbors they meet on their routes.
  • Cookies For Cops (and Food For Firefighters), which helps citizens and public safety professionals feel more connected by organizing monthly appreciation events. Each month SAFE, in association with the East Atlanta Buzz, enlists the help of local citizens to do something nice for our fire fighters and police – preparing baked goods, snacks or meals and writing or coloring thank-you cards (distributed to local eateries for children to color and collected weekly) that subsequently are delivered to our local precincts or stations by volunteer drivers.
  • Refuse To Be A Victim® Workshop Program, which provides community organizations with instructors certified to teach this nationally-recognized crime prevention program for only the (nominal) cost of the required participant materials. Currently limited to two 32-person workshops per calendar month, this program is expected to expand significantly as additional volunteer instructors are certified.

Please visit SAFE on the web, follow SAFE on Twitter or become a SAFE fan on Facebook today to learn about how to bring these great programs to your own community.

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