What Every Parent Should Know About Gun Safety – The Movie


No Victims’ founder recently had the opportunity to present to an Atlanta-area Parent-Teacher Association meeting on the topic of how parents can educate themselves and their children to avoid becoming a victim of a gun accident. 

The slides and dialogue from that presentation were merged to create a 30-minute multimedia guide that explores and  expands the information and resources contained in the original article on this topic published on No Victims in August 2009.

View the complete multimedia presentation here.

Note: Ownership of firearms is a deeply personal decision and, for many, a divisive and emotional issue. This article is not intended to encourage firearms ownership or to take a stance on whether or how children should be exposed to recreational or defensive firearms use. Rather, it is intended to help all parents, regardless of how they feel about firearms, reduce the risk of their child being injured or killed should they encounter a firearm outside the supervision of a responsible adult. 

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