New presentation: Five Things Every Teenager Should Know About Gun Safety

Developed at the request of a youth group advisor, “Five Things Every Teenager Should Know About Gun Safety” addresses critical knowledge that will help teens stay safe in situations where a gun is present. This 30-minute presentation and lecture is not about whether guns are inherently good or bad or whether people should or shouldn’t own them, and is for all teenagers no matter how they or their parents feel personally about guns.

This brief presentation addresses five key topics:

#1 – Guns are never a way to express emotions
#2 – It is OK to tell if someone has a gun who shouldn’t or somewhere they shouldn’t
#3 – Having a plan for what to do if someone starts shooting is key to survival
#4 – Knowing the three “always” rules of safe gun handling can help keep you safe
#5 – Trying to help someone put down a gun and not knowing how can do more harm than good

The presentation was delivered initially to 25 high-school and rising college students.The teens all were very engaged during the presentation and asked two dozen *great* questions during and after the presentation.

Based on positive initial feedback from the intended audience, No Victims will continue to develop and share this presentation. If you would like to bring this presentation to a teenaged audience in your community (or volunteer to deliver it yourself – the presentation and speaker notes are available freely for anyone who would like to use them), please use the Contact tab at the top of the page to send contact information.

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