How and Why To Talk With Your Kids About Gun Safety (Even If You Don’t Own Guns): A Free Safety Presentation for Epstein School Parents, 10/8 @ 7PM

From a child-safety perspective, guns are as much a reality as swimming pools, electrical outlets, matches or poisonous household cleaners. In the same way that parents teach their children about those other risks, so they should educate their children about the risks guns pose and how to avoid them. This applies equally to parents who own guns and to parents who don’t own guns.

Epstein School parents, please join parent and volunteer certified firearms safety instructor Matt Podowitz at the Epstein School at 7:00PM on Tuesday, October 8th for a free, 30-minute multimedia presentation about the steps every parent can take to reduce the risk of their children being injured or killed in a gun-related accident.

After attending this presentation, parents will be able to: 

  • Explain how and why children are injured or killed in gun-related accidents
  • Identify circumstances under which their children could be exposed to guns without appropriate adult supervision
  • Talk about guns and gun safety with children in three age groups – young children, pre-teens and teenagers
  • Identify and obtain age-appropriate materials to help them talk with their children about guns and gun safety
  • Minimize child-safety risks when living in or visiting homes with guns

Please note: This presentation is offered free of charge as a community service on behalf of any organization that can provide a venue and an audience. If you are not an Epstein Parent, or are unable to attend the above session and would like to organize a presentation for your school, PTA, community association or house of worship, please use the Contact tab at the top of the page to request additional information.

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