Free Child Safety Presentations @ Johns Creek Gun Range All Day on November 9th


Please join parent and volunteer certified firearms safety instructor Matt Podowitz at Johns Creek Gun Range for multiple sessions of two free children’s safety presentations as part of the range’s Grand Opening activities:

10AM and 2PM – For Parents

How and Why To Talk With Your Kids About Gun Safety (Even If You Don’t Own Guns) – Dozens of children are killed and more are injured in firearms-related accidents in the United States each year. With between a third and a half of American households containing a gun, guns present as much a risk to children’s safety as prescription drugs, swimming pools, electrical outlets, and crossing the street. Most firearms-related accidents involving children can be avoided. In the same way that parents teach their children about those other risks, so we should educate their children about the risks guns pose and how to avoid them. This applies equally to parents who own guns and parents who do not. This brief (30-minute) multimedia presentation provides parents with specific talking points and pointers to educational resources they can use to discuss this challenging and difficult topic for three different age groups – preschool to third grade, fourth to sixth grades, and seventh grade and up.

10:45AM and 2:45PM – For Teenagers

Five Things Every Teen Should Know About Gun Safety – Developed originally at the request of a youth group advisor, “Five Things Every Teen Should Know About Gun Safety” speaks directly to teenagers about how to stay safe in situations where a gun is present. This 30-minute presentation is for all teenagers – no matter how they or their parents feel personally about guns — covers five critical topics that teenagers avoid being injured or killed in situations where a gun is present.

(Please note neither of these presentations involve the the use or handling of actual firearms.)

Seats are limited for these presentations. Please call Johns Creek Gun Range at (770) 476-9036 to reserve seats for you and your teenaged children.

Johns Creek Gun Range is conveniently located at 7790 McGinnis Ferry Rd., Suwanee, GA 30024,. Please click the address for a map and directions.

Please share this information on your Facebook page and directly with others in your community who may want to attend!

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