What To Do If Your Firearm Is Stolen


Image from lancnews.com

Image from lancnews.com

As discussed in a previous article, part of responsible firearms ownership is making every reasonable effort to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to them. Unfortunately – despite often Herculean efforts by firearms owners – the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) reports that thousands of firearms are stolen every year. While the goal of the responsible firearms owner should be for their firearm never to be stolen, there are steps that must be taken both in anticipation of a theft someday occurring and once a theft actually has occurred.  In this article, we explore these steps and put forth some suggestions on how to minimize exposure and aid law enforcement in the event your firearm is ever stolen.



Note: Ownership of firearms is a deeply personal decision and, for many, a divisive and emotional issue. This article is not intended to encourage firearms ownership or to take a stance on whether reporting of stolen firearms should be mandatory under the law. Rather, it is intended to inform those who choose to own firearms about responsible actions that should be taken in the event their firearm is stolen.

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